Paul Hulewicz

born in Poland, living in Switzerland, self-taught photographer


My recent work is mainly inspired by nature, even though it is not visible in many of my photos. I am privileged to live surrounded by nature and I have always considered this an inexhaustible source of ideas. A simple documenting of what is before one’s eyes is rewarding; moreover, nature triggers the imagination and new ideas of abstract interpretation come to life. Some techniques used in my recent series make a link between mysterious imperfections in nature and man-made objects. As an echo to natural forces some abstract images refer to the unpredictable and aim to remind us that human comprehension has limits.
My challenge and objective is the search for new visual directions accessing the subconscious. My beacons in this endeavor are surprise and ambiguity, which are so very present around me in nature.

Exhibitions, Awards, Press Articles

  • 2022 – Publication in Dodho – Independent International Magazine dedicated to photography based in Barcelona.
    The series “Inspired by Unpredictable” https://www.dodho.com/paul-hulewicz-inspired-by-unpredictable/
  • 2022 – Single Image Spotlight Winner – “Black & White” magazine, Category Flowers and Plants, to be published in October 2022 issue
  • 2022 – Award in Looking Back-Looking Forward Contest – “Black & White” magazine, Alternative Digital Processes category, June 2022 issue
  • 2020 – Merit Award – Portfolio Photo Contest – “Black & White” magazine
  • 2019 – Single Image Contest – “Black & White” magazine, Categories Abstract and Digital/ Analog Manipulation
  • 2018 – Honorable Mention – IPA, Category Nature
  • 2017 – Honorable Mention – Monochrome Awards, Category Abstract
  • 2017 – Merit Award – Portfolio Photo Contest – “Black & White” magazine
  • 2008 – Exhibition “Noir et Couleur” – Bibliothèque Médiatique Municipale, Vevey, Switzerland
  • 2008 – Exhibition “Noir et Couleur” – Gallery Photophore, Chexbres, Switzerland
  • 2008 – Portfolio published in the magazine “Réponses Photo”, France
  • 2006 – Photo Contests of Allauch, France – two photographs awarded
  • 2006 – Article in the Polish Journal of Photography “Fotografia” “Cities by Paul Hulewicz in Paris Espace Beaurepaire”
  • 2006 – Exhibition in Gallery Espace Beaurepaire, Paris – Street photographs in London and Paris